Broccoli rabe salad

Broccoli rabe mushrooms warm salad:
2tbs sesame/ olive  oil
1lb bag of broccoli rabe ( I used frozen )
2 cups of your favorite fresh mushrooms clean and sliced
2-3 cups beans sprouts
1/2 cup chopped: scallions, parsley
Fresh sliced spicy pepper (optional)
  1. On a medium heat skillet sauté sliced mushrooms in sesame oil until golden brown and add  broccoli rabe and beans sprouts and green herbs, mix well
  2. Keep mixing and cooking for 5-7 minutes and simmer
  3. Dressing ingredients & instructions:
       In a mason jar combine:
       1/3 cup liquid amino
        1tbs pb2 ( peanut butter powder)
       1 lemon juice
       1tbs olive oil
       1tbs Zest of :  ginger 1tbs lemon zest
       2-3 tbs water ( room temperature)
       Shake and taste to adjust
  1. Pour dressing on top mix and serve
  2. Add more beans sprouts for garnish, drizzle with more lemon and olive oil, enjoy.


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