Stir fry yay

What do you need :
2 Tbs of sesame oil ( or your favorite)
3 cups your favorite veggies ( I used frozen broccoli & cauliflower )
3 tbsp liquid aminos ( thatā€™s my salt )
2 Tbs orange marmalade
Spicy šŸŒ¶ ( optional)
1 lemon ( juice)
1 Tbs Pb2 ( peanut butter powder)
1 tsp grate ginger
1 can of palmini pasta
Salt & pepper ( if needed )
  1. SautĆ©e veggies inĀ a skillet onĀ  Medium high heat until they get golden crunch
  2. Simmer down and add liquid amino, lemon juice, ginger, pb powder and mix well
  3. Add palmini pasta and mix
  4. Add orange marmalade and mix well
  5. I toppedĀ  mineĀ  with pine nuts, cashews, sprouts and hempseed

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