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Article: Top 10 travel items

Top 10 travel items

Top 10 travel items

My Travel Must-Haves : 

1. Apple cider vinegar- those to-go shots are brilliant!! I am keeping up with my every morning cleanse even while traveling, it’s a way of life 💚

2. Sunscreen - protecting my skin from sun damage

3. Visor -  roll one up so you can carry it with you and easily fit in your purse, protecting my face from the sun ! Anti-aging! 

4. Eye mask - 24k gold under eye treatment, just a few minutes to refresh your eyes, from the flight or jet lag , the gold eye mask will start your vacation with a glow  

5. Weightless workout accessories - as sliding discs and resistance bands are great as they take 0 space and so provide so many different workout options ... it’s important to stay fit & also that’s my me-time. 

6. Yoga towel- instead of my yoga mat, to work-out on and do my meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️ 

7. Probiotics pills- it’s important to boost your immune system, especially while traveling 

8. Sanitizer - what can I say ?! I am a germaphobe 🤭

9. Eye cover - airplane necessity, I can’t rest without it

10. Book - I love reading 📖 . 


What you can find in My airplane bag : 

Dry shampoo 

Lip balm 



Raw nuts 

Plant base protein bars ( no sugar, alcohol) 

Tips : 

Stay away from food with salt during you flight 

In the airport I’ll look for salad with romaine lettuce because they stay crispy and fresh and dressing on the side. 

Drink lots of water 💧 




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My travel snack

My travel snack

low sodium ✔️ Low carb ✔️ High fiber ✔️ Good fat ✔️ Gluten free ✔️ Dairy free ✔️

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