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Simply inulin powder from jerusalem artichoke root is the purest on the market (100% inulin) & its innovative milling process makes for higher potency & absorption - keep in mind that not all inulins are created equal. Many inulins (especially on the american market) are not regulated by any agencies and often deem their inulin pure when in fact hidden gums and thickeners are not disclosed yet contained. They can be manufactured in china, that too is often not disclosed. Our simply inulin is made in europe from europe grown crops.

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Start gradually the first few days with 1 tsp in your tea or coffee, then work

Your way up slowly in the course of the first 7 days to 5 tsp per day. If you feel like you are more sensitive start with 1/2 tsp. Starting at a high dose too fast can cause discomfort.
The adjustment period can last up to 30  days, feeling slightly bloated or flatulence while simply inulin re-balances your gut flora is part of the process. You do not need to take more than 5 tsp a day, as we recommend getting your prebiotic fiber from fruits and vegetables.  You should not feel any kind of stomach pain, headaches nor nausea. Please consult with your gp if you do, and discontinue use.
From day 1 you will feel less cravings and need to munch. The bloat will go away within the first month: hello flat tummy 
Do not use if you have fodmap sensitivities or ragweed allergies 

⇒  Excellent Source of Fibre
⇒  No Calories
⇒  Appetite Control 
⇒  Promotes Weight Loss
⇒  Prebiotic Improves Gut Health 
⇒  Free of Artificial Colors, Flavor 
⇒  Substitutes Sugar & Flour in Drinks and Baked Goods
⇒  Reduces Bloating Significantly
⇒  Reduces Water Retention
⇒  Curbs Sweet Tooth Cravings
⇒ Suitable & Recommended for Ibs,  Chrone Disease, Eczema & Other Skin to Gut Issues.
⇒ Free of Preservatives
⇒ Suitable for Diabetes, Cholesterol 

If You Have Fodmap It Is Recommended to Go on a Low Fodmap Diet for 3 Weeks Prior to Taking Inulin 

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