• How Long Do Tahini Bagels Stay Fresh?

We Encourage You To Enjoy Them At Their Freshest, Which Is On The Day Of Purchase. If You Plan To Keep Your Bagels Longer Than That, We Recommend To Store Them In Plastic Sandwich Bags Or Glass Containers. You May Keep The Bagels In The Fridge For Up To 5 Days, Or In The Freezer Up To 1 Month

  • Can I Travel With My Order Or Take It On The Go ?

Absolutely! Our Packs Can Easily Fit In Any Lunch Box / Cooler Bag . We Recommend Using An Ice Pack, Especially In Miami, Where It Is Typically Hot. The Tahini Bagels Are All Organic, Made With Natural Raw Ingredients And No Preservatives.
we Recommend Wrapping Them In Plastic Sandwich Bags. For Airplanes, We Suggest Keeping Our Product In Your Carry-on.

Most Important:
Do Not Leave In The Sun Or Car - The Bagels Are Made From 100% Natural Ingredients With No Preservatives And Can Spoil Easily