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Article: 2 ingredients tahini pita

2 ingredients tahini pita

Tahini pita : gluten free & low carb 
1 egg
1 tbs tahini ( any flavor, I used Zathar tahini)
1 tbs water
Pinch of baking powder ( almost 1/2 teaspoons or less )
Pinch of salt ( must for the recipe don’t skip salt )
  • Medium size bowl , the bowl should be flat in the middle (not curved) for the pita shape, spray the bowl to prevent sticking. 
  • Mix all ingredients in your bowl, mix well specially the baking powder
  • Microwave for 2:30 minutes ( stand by it for the first time , every microwave is different, should be puffy & golden
  • Time to top it up, any of your favorite, I did Labane, avocado & spicy tahini drizzle, enjoy

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