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About Me




Sally Schimko is the Founder of The Tahini Goddess, which launched in February 2020. The Tahini Goddess is a female-founded and led company that produces and distributes authentic and kosher flavorful tahini and 0g Sugar halva made in Israel. A mother of two and an established blogger and social media influencer focused on nutrition, health, beauty, and lifestyle. Sally is on a mission to inspire others to enjoy healthy food and vegetables, all while making cooking and meal preparation easy and enjoyable. Based in Miami, Florida, Sally is originally from Israel, where tahini is the “peanut butter” of Israel. When she discovered that all tahini sold in the US was manufactured on “modern machinery,” making many difficult to digest, Sally was driven to launch her business to deliver millstone-grounded and sustainably sourced tahini that promises the smoothest, creamiest, and most delicious Mediterranean flavors. The Tahini Goddess has grown rapidly during the pandemic year as a result of positive reviews, a varied line of nutritious and delicious tahini and 0g sugar halvah, and, most important, superior customer service and transparency during a pandemic. Her tahini is the only one on the market MADE in Israel, and no one currently offers the wide flavor offering and education she does.