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Article: butter lettuce love salad

butter lettuce love salad

butter lettuce love salad

Butter lettuce love : 
1 sliced butter lettuce 
3-4 sliced radishes 
1 sliced cucumber 
1 sliced avocado 
1/3 cup broccoli sprouts 
🌱Dressing ingredients: 
1 lemon juice 
3 Tbs vegan cream cheese ( or your favorite I will recommend goat cheese yogurt ) 
2 Tbs raw tahini paste 
1 Tbs olive oil 
Salt & pepper to taste 
♦️combine all dressing ingredients in a jar and shake it well ( I use my squeezable sexy bottle 👌🏻 ) 
♦️ combine all veggies in a large bowl and Pour dressing on top and toss gently 😋
♦️ the Best salad tip I can share with you is my salad spinner, it makes a big difference! Its a kitchen tool used to wash and remove excess water from salad greens. It uses centrifugal force to separate the water from the leaves, enabling salad dressing to stick to the leaves without dilution. Try it :) 

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