Gluten free French toast

French toast : 
Extra firm organic tofu 14oz 
1/2 -1 cup Almond flour 
1 Eggs
Sprinkle: cinnamon, salt, Coconut sugar 
3-5tbs coconut butter 
Toppings : Syrup and berries ( regular syrup for kiddos and the fiber syrup for me ) 
  1. Slice your tofu into thick sticks ( I cut it into 10 sticks) 
  2. Whisk egg with cinnamon and salt 
  3. Place almond flour in a large plate and sprinkle inside cinnamon and coconut sugar( cinnamon & sugar is optional) 
  4. Dip your tofu sticks in the egg and pass it to the almond flour 
  5. Place the tofu sticks On a Non stick skillet with coconut butter on medium heat 
  6. Flip the tofu sticks them around until tofu is has golden crunch so 
  7. Serve with syrup and berries  
Note : 
  1. Egg allergy: you can absolutely do without it , spray the tofu with coconut oil spray and dip in flour 
  2. Nut allergy: you can use coconut/ cassava/ tapioca flour, all options are gluten free and delicious