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Article: Niçoise style bagel

Niçoise style bagel

Niçoise style bagel

niçoise  style bagel
  • 1 mysexyveggies tahini bagels ( or your favorite low carb option )
•1 can organic wild tuna (in water)
•3 tablespoon vegan cream cheese
•sprinkle salt and black pepper
• 1/2 lemon thinly sliced
• 1 tsp spicy paste (optional)
•1/3 cup baby spinach
•parsley + olive oil for garnish (optional)
On your favorite low carb bagel or any of your choice 1) spread the spicy paste 2) add spinach 3) add your tuna salad 4) top it up with sliced lemons, parsley and drizzle of olive oil
  • note : niçoise style sandwich includes hard boiled egg as well , if you an egg lover add it too , enjoy.

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