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Article: Palmini sushi

Palmini sushi

Palmini sushi

Palmini sushi :


Seaweed paper

2-3 tbs spicy tahini

1 can of palmini rice

and any of your fave toppings: mushrooms, carrots, bell pepper, avocado, salmon, etc



  • follow palmini rice instruction, after rice is washed try to squeeze out all water by using paper towel or cheese cloth, this is the most important step ... more dry ... more sticky after ...
  • when rice is dry add 2 tbs spicy tahini ( or any flavor) salt & pepper to taste & mix well ,
  • Prep you seaweeds and it’s time to top it up , add rice first and toppings after
  • Start to roll gently and use wet fingers to close the end of the roll if needed
  • Sushi dip : I mixed 2 tbs spicy tahini with 1 tbs liquid aminos ( healthy soy sauce) ,  1/2 lemon juice and drizzle of honey, mix well ! Delicious, enjoy

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