Rainbow Spring Rolls

What do you need :
  1. Sliced vegetables of any kind
  2. I used : cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers and broccoli sprouts
  3. Gluten free rice paper ( soy free if possible)
  4. Liquid amino  as a dipping option
  5. Kite hill cheese ( vegan cheese or your choice) 
For preparation of your rice paper you best follow instructions on your rice paper package 
I used my biggest cutting board for the filling part, dry and clean
Depending on the vegetables you use either slice, chop or grate
(carrots, cabbage grate / sweet peppers slice, broccoli sprouts chop ( but not too small) just think that you will have to fill these thin rice papers with your veggies.
It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Keep going and you'll see.
If the first rice paper tears up just take another one!
Lay your soaked rice papers one by one on your board and fill with the sliced and cut vegetables.
Put the vegetables on the first third of your rice paper
Fold in both sides of your paper, over your vegetables
Start rolling your rice paper, holding down the veggies and please be gentle.
After the first roll you'll find it easy enough to go on rolling :)
Dip in your favorite sauce and enjoy
* dipping sauce options are endless and you can choose your favorite one , mine was kite hill cheese with fresh chives inside and liquid amino with spicy pepper slices.