Sauté cabbage

Sauté Cabbage Asian style
2tbs sesame oil ( or coconut/ olive oil )
1 bag of shredded cabbage ( coleslaw)
1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms
1 cub sliced carrots
1 cup beans sprouts ( or more )
1small fresh chopped spicy pepper ( optional )
Mint & scallions ( chopped for garnish)
Dressing ingredients:
1 lemon juice only
1/3 cup liquid amino
2tbs peanut butter powder or any regular nut
2tbs of organic tomatoes sauce
1tsp of spicy paste ( optional)
2tbs fiber syrup or honey or 3 drops of coconut sweetener ( like in the picture)
Sprinkle of : smoked paprika
  • On  a nonstick large size skillet , medium heat start sauté the veggies, mushrooms, carrots and cabbage in the end, until they all get golden brown and cabbage is transparent
  • In a mason jar mix all dressing ingredients
  • Low heat and pour dressing on top, mix well and simmer and cover for 5 minute
  • Garnish with fresh mint and scallions on top, enjoy
Notes :
  • fiber syrup is my favorite for Dressing but I was running out of it that day
  • You can try and adjust taste at anytime
  • The sky is the limit you can add any type of Veggies or protein on top