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Article: Savoury tahini crepes

Savoury tahini crepes

Savoury tahini crepes

Savoury tahini crepes

Tahini crepes


Ingredients: ( makes 4-5 crepes)


1/3 cup tahini

1/4 cup coconut milk ( or any milk )

3tbs honey ( or any syrup)

Sprinkle of salt & pepper ( cumin & turmeric optional for extra flavors & benefits)


Instructions :

  • in a medium mixing bowl mix all ingredients together until well combined
  • On low heat non stick skillet, scoop out batter by using your 1/4 measurement cup , it will look like pancake but it’s supposed to be thinner as a crepe
  • Cover and wait for lil bubbles to show, that’s the sign to flip it , appropriately 3 minutes each side
  • You can enjoy them with savory or sweet toppings, this time I added spinach, sauerkraut, sheep milk feta cheese & drizzle of spicy tahini , enjoy

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