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Article: Tahini Twix bars, Vegan, low carb & gluten free

Tahini Twix bars, Vegan, low carb & gluten free

Tahini Twix bars, Vegan, low carb & gluten free


Shortbread Cookie Layer

⅔ cup almond flour

2 tbsp Silan ( or maple syrup/ honey) 

¼ cup olive oil ( or softened coconut oil ) 


Tahini Caramel Layer:

⅓ cup peanut butter tahini ( whole sesame, Silan tahini, and chocolate tahini will be delicious as well ) 

2 tbsp olive oil ( or coconut oil ) 

3tbs Silan ( or pure maple syrup/ honey ) 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

¼ tsp salt


Chocolate Layer: I used 3tbs of chocolate tahini 

Or you can use the following: 

3.5 oz dark chocolate

1 tbsp organic coconut oil



How To:

Mix all shortbread crust ingredients into a bowl.

Press down dough firmly into a parchment-lined loaf pan And bake at 350 for 6-8 minutes.

Combine caramel ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour over the crust layer and refrigerate.

Combine chocolate layer ingredients in a saucepan

 Over medium-low heat and stir until smooth and combined. ( or use chocolate tahini ) 

Pour chocolate over the caramel layer and place in the freezer for 2 hours or until hardened.

Slice into bars and enjoy!


Thank you @yourcaseforwellness ( Casey wise ) for inspiring us with this delicious tahini creation 


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