Veggies Platter On The Go

So as a vegetable lover, I try roasting them in many different ways !! This is my trick :: 
  1. Organic parchment paper 
  2. No salt before or during roasting 
  3. Preheated oven on 425F 
  4. Coconut oil spray or your favorite 
  5. Divide the veggies into sections on the parchment paper, some will be ready before the others and dividing them will allow you to take them out easily. 
  6. This platter was made for a to go meal. So I roasted the vegetables the night before and left them uncovered at room temperature in the kitchen, (on a flat plate) Pray that none of your family members will get up before you :) The veggies were perfect and delicious the next day.  I even brought the tahini dressing in a bottle and drizzled some on top (do not soak the veggies with the sauce) before we ate,.
  7. We enjoyed a healthy snack even on a crazy busy day .