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Article: Garda Italy 🇮🇹


Garda Italy 🇮🇹

Garda : gardaland resorts: 
Food in the resort: they offer 2 options: 
  1. Buffet style, if your kids are picky eaters the buffet will be the easiest option, they offer pasta ( with/ without sauce) chicken fingers, pizza etc, many veggies options for kids and adults and gluten free menu as well 
  2. They have one restaurant in the resort with great menu for kids and adults, if you can’t see food in big quantities ( like me 🙈 ) go with the restaurant. 
  3. My favorite option : there are a few  grocery stores around garda lake ( they are all amazing) I buy  a “ snack spread “ selection of everyone’s favorite, we take all the grocery with a picnic blanket and eat by the lake its much easier to stay in the hotel with the kids, but if you ask me it’s totally worth the “work” and the memories of breathtaking dinner by the lake with your family & friends. 
  4. Breakfast options in the resort : buffet only : it was great for kids ( cereal, pancakes etc ) I had my lemon with hot water and coffee, fresh cut fruit is always my go too for breakfast in “ kids resort “ 
  5. Gardaland ( park ) : pizza & pasta & hotdog all over the park, there’s also veggies options inside different restaurant in the park, I was amazed by the snacks options around the park: fresh fruit cups, fresh coconut, vegan popsicles etc .. it was so hot that we all ended up fueling our body with those snacks, from there we went straight to the grocery store ☺️
  6. Rooms in gardaland resort: one year we stayed at gardaland adventure for my son and this year we stayed in gardaland hotel for my daughter they offer the princess room, they are both 1 minuet walking from each other, if you have a boy and a girl you can take one night at each hotel, food options are the same the only difference is the team of the rooms, of course the princess room is cuter lol 😆 

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