Aloe Vera inulin juice

Aloe Vera inulin juice:
Aloe Vera plant
2tsp inulin
2 lemons
1 small piece ginger
1 cup cold water
  • Wash aloe vera leaf. pat dry with a cloth
  • Slit one of the edges with a scissor and open up the outer layer.
  • Scoop off the gel, discard any greenish gel.
  • Store it in a dry jar and refregerate for further use. (Up to 3 days )
  • In a food processor: Combine 2 tbsp aloe Vera gel,  2tbsp peeled ginger, 2 lemon juice, inulin and water, blend well
  • Serve over ice and drink it fresh same day only
Notes :
  • you can add a few drops or monk fruit or any sweetener if you want it to be sweet
  1. You can control the consistency of the texture by blending more or adding more water, or any type of fresh juice like grapefruit juice/ oranges juice etc
  2. I am a ginger lover so I add more ginger.