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Article: Artichokes kale Caesar salad

Artichokes kale Caesar salad

Artichokes kale Caesar salad

Artichokes kale Caeser salad :


I think this is one of the most delicious salads I ever made are you ready to take your Caesar salad to the next level 👌🏻



1 bag of chopped kale

1 can of artichoke hearts

1 tbs olive oil

Harrisa spice by pereg spices ( it’s a spicy pepper blend or any of your fave spices)

Dressing ingredients:

Caeser tahini, 1 lemon , salt & pepper to taste




  • medium heat , non stick skillet
  • Add olive oil and Harrissa spice, infusing your olive oil with spices is the best way to get the most delicious flavor & all the health benefits of your spices
  • Add artichoke hearts to the pan , flip them after 4-5 min or until they are golden and crunchy
  • Meanwhile let’s prepare our salad dressing:

Vegan Caesar tahini :

1/2 cup tahini ( any flavor will be delicious )

1 lewmon juice

1/4 cup cold water

Salt & pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl and adjust consistency if need by adding more  lemon or water or tahini

( if you have left over dressing you can  keep it in the fridge for 3-5 days )


  • add you kale into a big salad bowl , add tahini dressing & mix well , add your warm crunchy artichoke hearts on top and enjoy

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