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Article: Baked feta pasta bites

Baked feta pasta bites

Baked feta pasta bites

Baked feta pasta bites
Ingredients: makes 12 bites ( in a muffin mold )
1 can of palmini pasta ( I used angel hair shape it’s my favorite)
1 egg
1/2 cup tomatoes sauce
3tbs spicy tahini ( or any flavor )
6 cherry tomatoes sliced in half
6 pitted olives sliced in half
12 squares of goat feta cheese ( or your favorite)
Chopped green herbs for garnish
  • preheat oven to 375F
  • Follow instructions on the palmini pasta can
  • In a medium mixing bowl combine egg, tomatoes sauce & tahini , mix well
  • Add palmini pasta to the sauce and mix well
  • Spray your muffins mold to prevent sticking and start to fill them up : start with olive & tomatoes in the bottom, feta and top it up with the pasta, press it down with the spoon to creat beautiful shape
  • 15-20 minutes in the oven , you can try to scoop one before you scoop them all, let it cool down completely, it will be easier to scoop them in a beautiful shape, they are delicious warm & even cold , enjoy
  • Note : My kids loves them too , made it for them with regular & pesto tahini , they love mushrooms & mozzarella as well , the sky is the limit, it’s a fun recipe to do with them , bon Appétit

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