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Article: Dill tahini dressing

Dill tahini dressing
dill tahini

Dill tahini dressing

Basil tahini : 


Bunch packed dill (up to 1 cup if you want intense dill  flavor!) I use 2 


tablespoons tahini


tablespoons olive oil


teaspoon red wine vinegar ( optional ) 

2 -3

Lemon, start with 2


teaspoon black pepper, freshly ground


cayenne (optional) 


cups ice cold water 




  1. In a high powered blender, combine the dill , tahini, olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice , black pepper, cayenne, and ¼ cup water.
  2. Blend on high until you have a smooth, creamy sauce.
  3. Add up to ¼ cup more water (blending again to incorporate) until you get the thickness you like. Less water = thicker consistency (great as a sandwich/ wrap spread). More water = thinner consistency (better as a sauce or dressing). Add salt, to taste. Voila!
  4. Can be made ahead and stored in the fridge, covered, up to 24 hours. Color is best when used immediately.

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