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Article: Gf Tuna pasta salad

Gf Tuna pasta salad

Gf Tuna pasta salad

Gf tuna pesto pasta salad :
1 bag palmini angel hair pasta
1 tuna container ( I use the glass one )
1 cup baby spinach
1 tbs spicy tahini
1 tbs pesto tahini
1/2 lemon juice
6-8 olives
1/3 cup cherries tomatoes
Any Green herbs to garnish on top
Salt & pepper to taste
  • follow palmini instructions, I wash it in warm water and drain completely
  • Tuna salad: combine tuna With pesto & spicy tahini, lemon juice & salt & pepper to taste, mix well
  • In your favorite salad bowl start by layering your spinach, pasta on top and tuna salad in the middle, add olives, tomatoes and green herbs for pretty presentation
  • Once you’ll mix the tuna salad in the dressing will blend with all the delicious veggies, add salt & pepper to taste, I love adding more lemon on top, enjoy

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