Raw cookie dough bar

This recipe is Raw, vegan, gluten free and no bake needed, must try 


1 cup almond flour ( or coconut )

3 scoopers the goddess prebiotic

1/2 cup silan tahini ( peanut butter tahini / chocolate tahini / whole sesame will work too )

2 tablespoons silan

2 tablespoons room temperature water 

Toppings: 1 teaspoons silan & 3 teaspoons halva



  • mix all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl, mix well and use your hand to creat a dough texture
  • On a lined baking sheet (spray it to prevent sticking) gently flatten your dough with your hands or with a spatula
  • Top it up with silan and halva
  • Freeze it for 2 hours , slice it and dig in, it tastes better than a candy bar , DELICIOUS
  • Note : keep it in the freezer