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Article: 4 ingredients high protein cheesecake

4 ingredients high protein cheesecake

4 ingredients high protein cheesecake

4 ingredients cheese cake:

I am a cheese cake lover! This recipe is a dream come true! Reminds me Japanese style cheesecake with our sugar or any flour

It’s high protein, high fiber & super simple to make , enjoy



1 cup egg white powder

1 cup water

3 scoopers goddess prebiotic

2 cups of Greek yogurt( I recommend vanilla flavor )

5-8 tablespoons chocolate tahini ( depending on how sweet you want it, I did 8tbs )



  • preheat oven to 350f on bake
  • In a large mixing bowl combine egg whites powder, prebiotic & water, use hand mixer to blend it well until you get a big white cloud batter ( minimum 5 minutes blend)
  • Add yogurt & chocolate tahini and fold it gently with a spatula
  • Pour batter into a non stick sprayed cake mold and bake for 12-15 minutes or until it’s golden brown on top
  • Serve with silan syrup and your favorite fresh fruits


Note :

  • regular egg whites will not work the same In this recipe
  • You can use dairy free yogurt if you like the taste
  • You can use halva instead of tahini or both any sweet flavor will be delicious in this recipe

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