Rice crispy treats

If you are looking for a sweet summer treat , this one is for you…., 0g added sugar, vegan & simple to make . 



2 cups of puffed rice ( or crumble rice cakes )

1/3 cup silan

1/3 cup chocolate tahini ( warm for 10-20 seconds in the microwave, be careful stay next to it )

1 tbs silan tahini ( not must for a garnish drizzle)



  • in a mixing bowl : mix your puffed rice with silan syrup, mix well
  • I used my loaf pan and parchment paper on top , pour the rice & silan on the parchment paper and press it well with a spoon, you want them to stick to one layer
  • Add your warm chocolate tahini on top ( when it’s warm it’s more runny and easy to pour)
  • Add silan & silan tahini drizzle & coconut chips on top ( optional but so so delicious I highly recommend)
  • Freeze for 90 min and enjoy, I keep it in the freezer, such a delicious treat , enjoy