Kitchen sink salad, vegan & gluten free

We all know it’s all about the dressing, and this salad was a great example: I combined everything I had left in the fridge with whole sesame tahini on top, oh my yum! I think it’s one of the best salads I ever made :)


Kitchen sink salad :



1 bag shredded cabbage

1/2 cup raw broccoli florets

Sliced cucumbers

Chopped scallions & any green herbs

Sliced pickles

Sliced rainbow radishes


Dressing :


1/2 cup tahini ( any flavor)

1 lemon juice

1/4 cup cold water

Salt & pepper to taste ( INSEAD of SALT I added a few drops of liquid amino’s , so delicious)


Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl and adjust consistency if need by adding more  lemon or water or tahini.


Drizzle on your salad and enjoy