Spicy green tahini dip

Green tahini with a twist: 
1lb tahini ( raw sesame paste , my favorite is the 365 brand from WF ) 
2 lemon ( juice) 
1.1/2 cup of ice water ( without the ice ) 
1 cup chopped parsley 
1 cup chopped cilantro 
1 cup chopped dill 
2-3 garlic gloves ( optional) 
1/2 cup pitted olive ( your favorite kind ) 
1-2 fresh jalapeño pepper for spicy lovers  ( optional) 
Spices: cumin , white pepper 
  1. In your food processor combine tahini, lemon juice, ice water, sprinkle cumin and pepper and blend well, adjust consistency if needed 
  2. Start adding gradually the green herbs and mix them all in by pulses 
  3. Add olive, garlic and jalapeño and keep pulsing until it’s all mixed up 
  4. Try and adjust taste, I added more ice water and sprinkle of salt 
  5. Simply cut your fresh raw veggies and dip them in 💦👩🏻‍🍳😊