Tahini brownies

When I crave sweet without the guilt 👩🏻‍🍳 and I challenge myself to create simple sweet fast vegan & nut free dessert 👌🏻
  tahini brownies : ( 8 brownies) 
1/4 cup tahini ( raw paste I use the 365 brand) 
1/4 cup coconut flour 
1/4 cup cacao butter ( melted/ liquid one ) 
1/4 cup coconut milk 
2 Tbs honey 
1 tbs lemon zest 
  1. Heat cacao butter in the microwave in 30 seconds increment 
  1. Whisk all wet ingredients in a mixing bowl 
  2. Add coconut flour and lemon zest and mix well 
  3. Spray brownie mold pan with coconut spray 
  4. Pour the batter into the mold and freeze for 30 minutes and it’s ready to serve 👌🏻 you can keep it in the fridge up to 7 days .