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Article: Truffle shishito peppers

Truffle shishito peppers
5 min

Truffle shishito peppers

5 min mess free snack 
Crazy day ? Busy ? Tired? 
I got you ! 
all you need is : 
truffel tahini , straight from the jar 
& shishito peppers. 
I love using my brevile panini press to grill my 
shishito peppers , it’s so fast & mess free ( if you don’t have a panini press , place them on parchment paper & broil on 400f for 7 min or until golden ) 
that’s it ! Now for the best part 
pour some tahini truffle into a small bowl and dip them in , so delicious, so many amazing health benefits in our tahini such as : plant based protein, rich in vitamins & minerals , anti inflammatory dressing & amazing source of fatty acids that will keep you energized, happy and satisfied, enjoy 

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