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Article: Vegan low carb Mac & cheese

Vegan low carb Mac & cheese

Vegan low carb Mac & cheese

Vegan low carb Mac and cheese
1 cup of coconut milk ( full fat )
3 tablespoons almond flour
1 package low carb pasta penne ( I love fiber gourmet pasta )
1 1/2 so delicious ( or any vegan cheese)
White pepper + salt to taste
  • For pasta  follow the directions on the back of the bag
  • Meanwhile, on low heat warm up coconut milk , cheese and almond flour in a medium size pot, keep stirring occasionally until all combine and melt, ( should look like thick texture cheese sauce)
  • Add salt & white pepper to taste ( I can add nutmeg if you like it that flavor )
  • When paste is ready add to the cheese sauce and mix
  • Preheat oven 400F ( on broil as you need heat coming from top )
  • Pass pasta into an oven proof baking dish and add more shredded cheese on top , the more the merrier 😋
  • Bake till the top is crunchy and golden and cheese is completely melt, enjoy

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