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Article: Vegan velvety Matcha latte

Vegan velvety Matcha latte

Vegan velvety Matcha latte

My sexy vegan matcha latte : 
1 cup almond/ coconut/ cashews milk ( I use califia  )
1 Tbs matcha  ( my favorite is Enzo) 
1 Tbs manuka Honey ( i use Raw by kiva ) 
1/2 tsp of Cinnamon  ( simply organic) 
For the perfect velvety matcha 
Combine milk , matcha and honey in your milk frothier and top it up with cinnamon , when you blend your matcha in the milk frothier it’s 
Dissolved perfectly! 
  • you can also pour the matcha on crushed ice and make it as an iced matcha latte but always start by warming the matcha with the milk for the perfect blend and flavor. 
  • If you don’t have frothier you can use a small pot on medium low heat and stir it up , until matcha dissolve and you get the perfect velvety blend 
🔸Why matcha??
My top 10 matcha benefits: 
  1. Antioxidants ( more than green tea) 
  2. Great for skin 
  3. Fat burner & burns calories 
  4. Boost metabolism 
  5. High in fiber 
  6. Boost immune system 
  7. Detoxifies the body 
  8. Increase energy levels 
  9. Boosts memory 
  10. Velvety taste 
🔸Why manuka honey? 
Benefits your : 
Immune system
Skin ( acne / eczema) 
Help with allergies 
It’s antibacterial and so much more


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