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Article: Veggies chips

Veggies chips

Veggies chips

Green beans & fava beans chips style:
My tricks to get your veggies crunchy and tasty:
  1. Parchment paper
  2. Delicious Spices to twist it up 
  3. If you use can veggies or froze veggies it’s important to drain all water as much as possible! Let’s get started!
2tbs sesame oil ( per bag ) so 6 tbs total 
1 bag of green beans ( 350g )
1 can of fava beans ( 350 ) 
1 bag of frozen artichoke hearts ( 350 g ) 
1 lemon ( zest only ) 
Spices: sprinkle of: smoked paprika, zathar, salt & pepper
  1. All veggies wash an dry !
  2. Preheat oven to 425F
  3. One layer of veggies on  parchment paper ! must ! It will allow your veggies to grill to perfection with minimum oil and without burning them. 
  4. Add sesame oil & spices on top and toss with your hands make sure it’s mixed well and veggies will observe the taste perfectly. 
  5. Bake for 15-20 min or until crunchy golden color
Notes : that’s a great snack and also great to add volume to any of your meals, I also love making my homemade tahini as a dip to serve with it .

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