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Article: My travel snack

My travel snack

low sodium ✔️
Low carb ✔️
High fiber ✔️
Good fat ✔️
Gluten free ✔️
Dairy free ✔️

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Top 10 travel items

Top 10 travel items

My Travel Must-Haves :  1. Apple cider vinegar- those to-go shots are brilliant!! I am keeping up with my every morning cleanse even while traveling, it’s a way of life 💚 2. Sunscreen - protect...

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Biarritz - farmers market
Farmers market

Biarritz - farmers market

❇️ les halles de Biarritz : local  farmers market, it’s a must see, I love exploring locally grown vegetables and fruits, the produce is so fresh and delicious 💚 ✔️Kids friendly 

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