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Article: 5 minutes chick peas salad

5 minutes chick peas salad

5 minutes chick peas salad

5 minute chick peas salad: 
1lb chick peas beans ( can ) 
1 -2 lemons juiced to your taste ( I used 1.1/2 lemons) keep the lemon pulp !
3 Tbs olive oil 
1 tsp sumac 
1 tsp cumin 
1 garlic clove ( in a garlic press) 
Dill , parsley , cilantro ( 3 Tbs of each chopped)
Salt & white pepper ( to taste) 
Place all  ingredients in a large mixing bowl, sprinkle spices and mix  well, gently remove the lemon pulp with a spoon and add it in and mix again . Enjoy 😊 
  • note - for  best taste let your salad sit with the dressing for an hour in the refrigerator. 


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