Halva ice cream

Halva ice cream
The summer treat you’ll want all year round!
Creamy, delicious halva ice cream that’s high in protein, high in fiber, three ingredients, 3 min prep
Must try :)

One container of a cottage ( 16oz about 450g )
12 tablespoons of halva ( any flavor, I tried them all, and the lemon pecan flavor was WOW )
3 Scooper the goddess prebiotic

* Best tip: start by blending the cottage cheese first until it’s creamy
* Add halva & prebiotic, and blend again. You can try and adjust if needed
* I recommend using parchment paper on any container ( I use my loaf pan ) and pouring the ice cream in
* Freeze for 2 hours, and it’s ready to enjoy. You can top it up with any of your favorite toppings: I did strawberries, silan & pecans
* Keep in the freezer for up to a week or ten days.