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Article: My grandma spicy fish

My grandma spicy fish
Spicy fish

My grandma spicy fish

My grandma’s Moroccan fish :



your Choice of fish, for full flavor I recommend Mediterranean style like branzino ( with bones if possible) , about 500g fish

2 Bell peppers in any color

6 garlic glove

1 bunch of : cilantro & parsley (chopped)

4 carrots

1 cup of chickpeas

3 fresh chills or jalapeños or both

1/2 cup olive oil

Spices : salt, pepper to taste 2tbs turmeric & 2tbs paprika, 1teaspoon cumin




I love soaking my fish in ice lemon water to prevent a fishy taste ( 10 - 15 minutes)

1. Let’s start with 1/2 cup of olive oil In a large non stick pan on medium heat , add spices in and infused them until you smell them open up, (about 2 min)

2. Add garlic, carrots, bell pepper, spicy peppers & chickpeas, mix and cover for 2 minutes

3. Add fish on top and all your chopped green herbs , carefully with a spoon try to get the sauce all over the fish and move it around every few minutes


4. Cover and low heat for 25 - 30 minutes, add warm water if needed, I added 1/2 cup & sprinkle of salt 

5. During that time continue to scoop sauce and pour over the fish for full blend of flavors, serve warm, and make sure to give your guest / family all the delicious veggies under the fish! we serve it with challah bread if possible, and a drizzle of spicy tahini it’s delicious.


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