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Article: Mediterranean eggplant tacos

Mediterranean eggplant tacos

Mediterranean eggplant tacos

What do you need:
1 large eggplant 
1 avocado 
4 tbsp kite hill cheese or ( sour cream, Greek yogurt) 
1 Tbs olive oil 
1tbsp Lemon zest 
1/2 fresh Spicy jalapeño ( chopped) 
Add any of your favorite vegetables : I used radishes, cherry tomatoes and sprouts . 
  1. Preheat oven 425F , slice the eggplant into round pieces place on parchment paper and spray them with coconut/ avocado oil *no salt , roast for 30 min or until golden brown 
  2. In a mixing bowl mash avocado ( with a fork) add cheese, spicy pepper, spices and most important lemon zest 
  3. Chop your favorite fresh veggies 
  4. When eggplants are golden brown and ready to be filled, start with avocado in the center and veggies on top 
Note: -I didn’t add lemon juice to the avocado paste  on purpose. I want it to be sticky and creamy and it makes it much easier  to "stick" the eggplant into a taco shape. Such a great presentation if you are having  guests over and need a quick hors d'oeuvre.  Eggplant tacos can be topped it  with lemon, olive oil , basil etc before serving. 

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