Tahini canalloni

Palmini pesto canalloni
3 cups chopped spinach
4 oz sheep’s milk feta cheese or your favorite cheese (or your favorite)
1 can palmini lasagna
1/2 cup raos sauce
1/2 cup pesto tahini
1/4 cup of room temperature water

  • preheat oven to 375F
  • Combine pesto tahini & tomatoes sauce & water in a small mixing bowl

  • Finely Chopped the spinach and combine with the feta cheese, by hands until feta looks like snow and mix well

  • Add 3tbs of the tahini tomatoes sauce to the feta spinach mix and mix well
  • Follow palmini instructions and stars to fill the palmini sheets with spinach feta mix and roll them into mini cannelloni, place them in your favorite lasagna dish

  • Pour the pesto tahini tomatoes sauce on top and bake for 12-15 minutes, the last 2 minutes you can add any of your favorite cheese on top (optional but delicious), serve warm and enjoy the best guilt free cannelloniS you’ll ever had 👌🏻

    Notes :
    • my lasagna dish is small and fit 24 rolls, we had 2-3 Tbs left over spinach feta filling and it was delicious to add it on tip as garnish while serving
    • You can easily turn this dish to vegan by replacing the feta cheese to your fave dairy free one, enjoy 💚