One of my biggest passion is to create healthier options of all our childhood favorites, this recipe is so simple and sp delicious I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did . 

1 individual Tiramisu:


1 cup vanilla coconut yogurt ( or your fave yogurt)

1/2 cup low carb biscottis ( dija natural foods )

2tbd silan

1 Tbs silan tahini

1 espresso shot

1 Tbs cacao powder



  • mix espresso shot with silan and mix well
  • In a medium glass start layering biscottis and 1 teaspoon of the espresso silan mixture on top of the biscottis, keep going with yogurt on top , silan tahini drizzle and repeat
  • Garnish with cacao powder on top and enjoy it’s so delicious