Pickled onion salad

In israel , it’s a very popular salad, you can find it in any shawarma salad bar, it’s so simple & delicious 

Pickled onion salad :
1 red onion ( medium size, sliced thin )
1/2 bunch parsley ( chopped )
1/2 bunch cilantro ( chopped )
1 lemon juice
2tbs olive oil
1tbs sumac ( Mediterranean tangy spice, u can try without too ) 
Salt & pepper to taste
Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix well, it’s delicious and ready to eat , it’s one of those salads that taste better the next day ...so make more of it ! 
  • because we used lemon ( not vinegar ) the onion will pickled the next day and contains probiotics, food with benefits. add it to any of your meals , enjoy